Monday, June 10, 2013

Introducing KAPOW!

Well, folks, it doesn’t get much "funner" than this.  Our concerts are usually more on the “serious” side, even if we do try to break the mold of the traditional classical music concert.  This time, however, the whole evening is, for the most part, tongue-in-cheek and hilariously entertaining.  For starters, Linus Roache is joining us.  That one is for the ladies…especially the wife, who has been smitten with him since watching “Wings of the Dove” in the late ‘90s.  I get it, I get it.  For once, there will be a handsomer man than I on stage!  (Just kidding, btw.)  Secondly, we have Tony Roberts, who needs no introduction if you’ve seen “Annie Hall” or “Play It Again, Sam.”  Then we have Tony Award-nominee Stephanie D’Abruzzo, whom you may know as Lucy the Slut from “Avenue Q.”  Add to that mix the multi-faceted Elliott Forrest – you New Yorkers out there will know his mellifluous voice on WQXR – as narrator for the evening, and you have a seriously interesting mix there. 

Did I mention that this awesome cast is bringing to life the adventures of caped crusader, The Green Lama?  For those of you who don’t know The Green Lama, that would be Jethro Dumont, rich New Yorker-turned-lama who – and I’m not making this up! – turns into the superhero crime-fighter by chanting “Om! Ma-ni pad-me Hum!”  If only transforming into a superhero were that easy…

So where does Sympho fit into all of this (besides putting the whole thing together)?  The music, of course!  We’ve spent many a day composing and compiling a live soundtrack for this event.  And did I mention sound effects?  If you come and hear bullets whizzing in the hall, never fear, that’s just yours truly on my trusty laptop.

Lastly, we’re excited to introduce new software art by Scott Draves, creator of “Electric Sheep.”  You may have to be a nerd to have heard of “Electric Sheep,” but you don’t have to be one to be awed by them.  It’s like watching universes folding into themselves and then emerging into new and hypnotic forms.  We’ll be presenting a new generation (in ultra hi-def, better than Blu-Ray!) of “Electric Sheep,” accompanied by live music, and I dare you not to be transported while you’re watching. 
So if you thought Sympho was all about high-brow, “serious” art, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that we have a wicked sense of humor, too!  KAPOW!  This Wednesday, 7 p.m., at the Rubin Museum.  You can buy tickets here.

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